Palm Beach Homemaker & Companion Care

Services offered

While Palm Beach Elder Care helps seniors with health concerns, Palm Beach Homemaker & Companion Care provides services to enhance and maintain a quality lifestyle for all seniors. Trained professionals are available to provide many different services that support a healthier lifestyle and a more energetic daily routine. The following list outlines some of the services patients enjoy:

1: Companionship

Chat, walk or go to a social event with support from a caregiver.

2. Light Housekeeping

Vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms and kitchen, straightening rooms and drawers.

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3. Meal Preparation

Simple meals with nutritional value served hot and fresh.

4. Grocery Shopping and Errands

Picking up items at the store or running errands.

5. Transportation

Travel to doctor appointments, barbershops or hair salons, church or anywhere else in your vehicle.  

6. Laundry  

Washing, drying, and ironing clothes and other items in need of cleaning.

7. Medication Reminders

Caregivers can open containers, read instructions, and remind patients to take medicines.

8. Grooming  

Hair, nail, and skincare assistance and advice.

9. Walking

Provide companionship for clients promoting healthy habits like walking and getting some sun in the early morning.

10. Social Gatherings

Caregivers go with clients to social gathering and events as needed.

Payment and Fee:
We charge $20 per hour for the service. This fee is not covered by your medical insurance and is out-of-pocket. Some HSA/FSA may cover part of your expense.

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