Geriatrics Concierge Medicine

Concierge Care is designed to address each patient’s needs on an individual basis so that the greatest level of care is provided. Medical issues need to be dealt with quickly and diligently but access to quality healthcare professionals can be restricted due to location, patient load, and other factors.

Palm Beach Elder Care eliminates those concerns by focusing on patient needs and matching those needs with a complete care schedule that is followed. Doctor and nurse visits help head off potential problems while reinforcing good health habits and protocols.

Concierge Medicine bundle includes 4 services:

1. Initial comprehensive executive-style comprehensive geriatric assessment, followed by ongoing customized and personalized care by a multidisciplinary team

2. Establish a physician as a health care surrogate to collaborate and streamline care with consultants

3. Act as a liaison with other care providers and hospitals, clinics, as well as nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities

4. Health coaching by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals – physician, geriatric care manager, nurse, dietitian, social worker, and exercise therapist – in the unhurried atmosphere at patient’s home

Concierge Medicine For Older Adults

A dedicated team of a Geriatrician, Dietitians, Physical Therapists, and registered Nurses offer an Initial comprehensive geriatric assessment and screening (in 17 areas as listed below that your primary care doctor would rarely have time for during regular office visit, but are of significant importance for older adults to improve overall health outcome and avoid hospitalizations and ER visits) and make several home visits a month to closely assess health issues of our patients and liaison with primary care doctors and specialists. Patient and their family members can reach a geriatrician 24-7 on his cell phone.

1. Dementia

2. Remote Patient Monitoring

3. Insomnia

4. Dizziness

5. Depression

6. Falls

7. Urinary incontinence

8. Osteoporosis

9. Hearing

10. Vision

11. Weight loss

12. Chronic pain

13. Sexual dysfunction

14. Functional status/disability

15. Age-appropriate cancer screening and immunization

16. Social support/resources and financial situation

17. Frailty

18. Chronic Care Management

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